The event shall have the following schedule :

Event Location:

Grand Ball Room, Hotel Radisson, Airport Road, Dhaka

1st Day

Opening Ceremony - 9.30 am on 7th October at Grand Ball Room
Seminar 1 - 5.00-5.30pm at Foyer of Grand Ball Room
Show closing - 6.30 pm
Fashion - The second edition of our FASHIONIM - the fashion show (fashion in denim) will be held in the Utsab Hall at 7.30 pm followed by dinner .
The entry will be allowed through special invitations separately.
2nd Day
Opening Seminar 2 - 9.30 am on 8th Octobe
cum Panel Discussion - 11 am -12 am at Foyer of Grand Ballroom
Seminar 3 - 4.00pm-4.30 pm at Foyer of Grand Ballroom
Show closing - 6.00pm


a) All entries will be invitation only. Only a few people who have not registered before will be allowed inside with spot registration after confirmation that they are genuine buyers . This might take 20-25 minutes. Hence it is advisable to register now and get a confirmed invitation . Register on this page.

b) The details of seminars and speakers will be released soon.