Vintage Recall |

From Denim Playground Dhaka to Denim Hi-Fashion, we have always kept experimenting with new themes with every edition and this time since the entire denim fraternity is celebrating #100Years of collaboration of Cone Mill with Levis, therefore in a mark of respect, Vintage Recall is a little tribute to the vintage nature of denim which is expressing itself through repeated forays by designers into the past in an effort to recreate it. The trend is getting stronger and the ORIGINALITY of denim is getting vogue again. The recent re-launch of iconic Jean 505C by the pioneer jeans company Levi’s, is a classic example of as to how the Vintage era is coming back. The Vintage Recall not only talks about the Vintage era but it will also talk as to why we need to go back to our traditional method of production in order to achieve the Sustainability in an absolute term.